…a wee bit ‘o history…

Trillium has now been performing together for over a decade, so it’s definitely time to do a little updating on our “History” which was originally written when we formed the band back in the summer of 2005.

From our very first rehearsal, it was pretty obvious to the four original musicians -- Mim Eichmann, Ed Hall, Paul Russell and Doug Lofstrom -- that we had the potential for a wonderful music journey together. And as Ed would so often say, “we were livin’ the dream” getting to play music we truly loved. Our eclectic playing backgrounds somehow worked together and our repertoire began to evolve, including Celtic, bluegrass, folk, ragtime, swing … even a hint of Gypsy jazz and a few Country tunes in the last few years … representing the synthesis of a lot of fun and creative energy. We’ve played many varied venues throughout the Midwest, including over six dozen libraries, coffee houses, house concerts, festivals, pubs, clubs, weddings, parties, apple orchards, wineries, fundraisers, and much more. Music from our four cds has been featured on radio stations throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia.

Sadly, our original guitarist, Ed Hall, passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer in March 2016. Ed’s extraordinary fingerstyle guitar playing, (he was the Winfield KS Fingerstyle Guitar Champion in 1991), energy, and quick wit will always be missed. We feel most fortunate that much of his groundwork remains in our repertoire and that we’ve captured so much of his ability in our recordings.

Also, for six years, we were most fortunate to have Canadian violinist Jonathan DeSouza performing with us, followed by a two-year return of our original violinist, Paul Russell.

We’ve now brought on two new musicians -- Scott Sedlacek on guitar, banjo and vocals and Jordi Kleiner on violin and mandolin – and look forward to continuing our music journey, wherever it may take us.

Why the name Trillium? If you’ve ever seen a Grandiflora trillium, which is a midwest wildflower or herb, I’m sure that you’ll agree that it’s a very unique wildflower – quite different from the rest of the wildflowers dotting the woodlands -- and it has always seemed to be a good fit for us.

                                                                                                            mim eichmann

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