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NEW! - Crossing the Stream

 1. Staten Island/Red-Haired Boy/Liberty – trad./arr. Trillium
 2. Big Rock Candy Mountain/Dixie
– McClintock/arr. Trillium
 3. Tennessee Waltz –  R.Stewart/P.King/arr. Trillium
 4. Jenny Lind Polka/Swedish Polka – anon./arr. Trillium
 5. Young Ladies in Town/Jefferson & Liberty/Crossing the Stream – trad./arr. Trillium
 6. Wade in the Water – trad./arr. Trillium
 7. Black and White Rag – Botsford/arr. Trillium
Soldier’s Joy/Star Spangled Banner – trad./F.S.Key/arr. E. Hall/Trillium
 9. Schule Agra (Johnny’s Gone For a Soldier) – trad./arr. Trillium
 10. Rights of Man/Harvest Home/Boys of Bluehill – trad./arr. Trillium
 11. Westphalia Waltz/No Name Waltzes I & II –   trad./arr. Trillium
 12. Soldier, Soldier, Will You Marry Me/Girl I Left Behind Me – trad./arr. Trillium
 13. Along the Path (based on a Navajo prayer) – Eichmann/Lofstrom/arr. Trillium

Mim Eichmann (hammered dulcimer, vocals, percussion - tambourine)
Ed Hall (guitar, banjo, vocals)
Jonathan De Souza (violin, mandolin, bodhran, whistle, viola, vocals)
Doug Lofstrom (bass, vocals) 

Copyright:  Little Miracles Productions 2009
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   Trillium - The Moody Leprechaun

  1. Bonaparte Crossing the Rocky Mountains/Star of Munster – trad./arr. Trillium

  2. Miner’s Lullaby – lyrics: U. Utah Phillips (used with permission);
    music: Trillium

  3. Ragtime Annie/Beaumont Rag – trad./arr. Trillium

  4. Fargo/Ewe with the Crooked Horn/Fargo
    C. Burwell/trad. – arr. Trillium

  5. Sweet Georgia Brown – Pinkard/Casey/arr. Trillium

  6. When You Look into My Eyes
    lyrics: M. Eichmann; music: Trillium 
    based on the traditional tune
    Rince Briotanach

  7. The Moody Leprechaun – music: E. Hall/arr. Trillium

  8. Health to Your Company – traditional/arr. Trillium

  9. Pardon My Southern Accent – J. Mercer/arr. Trillium

  10. Puddleglum’s Misery/Pumpherston Hornpipe
    J. Sutherland/J. Kirkpatrick/arr. Trillium

  11. I’ll Fly Away – A. Brumley/arr. Trillium

  12. Sally in the Garden/Swallowtail Jig/O’Keefe’s Slide/
    O Those Britches Full of Stitches/John Ryan’s Polka

    trad./arr. Trillium

  13. The Maiden and Her Child – traditional/arr. Trillium

  14. St. Anne’s Reel/Fisher’s Hornpipe – traditional/arr. Trillium

  15. Greensleeves/Coleraine – traditional/arr. Trillium

Mim Eichmann (hammered dulcimer & vocals)
Ed Hall (guitar, banjo, background vocals)
Doug Lofstrom (bass, keyboard)
Paul Russell (fiddle & mandolin) 

Copyright:  Little Miracles Music 2007
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Over The Waterfall

  1. Over the Waterfall/Blackberry Blossomtraditional
  2. The Snowstraditional
  3. Tiger Ragtraditional
  4. A Chicken Ain’t Nothin’ But a BirdCab Calloway
  5. Port One Step/Dill Pickle Rag – traditional
  6. Summertime – Gershwin/Heyward
  7. Cold Frosty Morning/Full Rigged Ship - traditional
  8. Erev Shel Shoshanim/Drowsy Maggie Yosef Hadar/traditional
  9. Swinging on a Gate/Whiskey Before Breakfast - traditional
  10. Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake traditional
  11. Road to Lisdoonvarna/Off She Goes/Morrison’s Jig – traditional
  12. Maggie in the Woods/Kitchen Girl/Galway Hornpipe traditional
  13. Pig Ankle Rag/Pigtown Fling/Festival Rag –traditional/Bill Robinson

Mim Eichmann (hammered dulcimer & vocals)
Ed Hall (guitar, banjo, background vocals)
Doug Lofstrom (bass, keyboard)
Paul Russell (fiddle & mandolin) 

Copyright:  Little Miracle Productions, 2006
Cover Photo:  Kevin Rockmann
CD Insert Design: Joe Bowlby
Additional photos & web design: Bill Little

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